"Director QUENTIN TARANTINO was at a screening of 'Inglourious Basterds' last week, at which he encountered EDWIN HEAVEN, not the shy and retiring type. By the end of the evening, Tarantino had been presented with a trio of THROX (Heaven's three-to-a-pair socks) and a copy of Heaven's new novel, THE WORLD'S MOST HANDSOME MAN."  

-- San Francisco Chronicle, Leah Garchik column

"Throx® are supposed to be the cure for the missing sock.
I, personally haven't lost a sock in years, but I understand that others aren't as lucky as I. At first I thought this was a quirky idea, but after looking at all the cool designs, I changed my mind. The designs are unique enough that you would be bummed to lose one.
And of all the designs they come in, my favorite is the one with the bowling pin and the slogan, "You've got a spare!" No kidding...I love it."

...Julie's Tacky Treasures


....YRB Magazine

Three’s No Longer A Crowd!  Three socks are three times the fun!  THROX is the ultimate 'why didn’t I think of that' product -- a package with three super-cute socks.  Why three?  So if you lose one, you still have a pair!"

"BEST INNOVATION! ...  Best sock it to me!  Three of kind always trumps a pair, right? That's what San Francisco-based entrepreneur Edwin Heaven figured after losing one too many socks to who-knows-where.  He created THROX, the first company to sell three socks for the price of two.  How darned clever!"

"BEST SOLUTION TO AN AGE-OLD PROBLEM ... THROX, a sock company solves the problem of the missing sock by selling their wares in threes instead of pairs."

"HERE'S A BIG IDEA! THROX ... A pair of socks plus one!  Three socks for the price of two. Whether you wear a hole in your sock or lose it in the wash, you're still covered.  The THROX spare saves your pair.  A brilliant idea that'll make millions!"


"Hey ya! THROX,
we love it ... sheer genius!"
... OUTKAST (multi-platinum recording artists/supergroup)

"Socks are invariably sold in pairs
, but there seems to be a universal physical law that makes it impossible for them to stay together. For years people have accused dryers and washing machines of eating socks - two go in and mysteriously only one comes out. In the US, the single sock crisis is being tackled by the innovative THROX. The idea is simple: three socks for the price of two, so when you lose one it doesn't matter."
... Wide Media

(rock sensations Jack & Meg White) love their PEPPERMINT THROX! -- Thanx, Edwin!" 
... Monotone Management

"Oh my gosh, I was surfing the internet and I came across www.throx.com. They sell socks: not in pairs, but in threes! So, if you lose one, you'll always have that extra sock on hand! Brilliant, I think I will buy a pair...I mean a triplet."

... Gordy's Blog, www.bumperboy.net

"Writer-producer-director Edwin Heaven's popular invention THROX ... a surefire success!"

... Millionaire Magazine

 FORWARD: What's Out There? Throx! Edwin Heaven's come up with a stupidly simple idea to solve the persistent problem of the missing sock — he's added an extra one to the package. But what happens when that disappears too?" 
... URB Magazine (Future. Music. Culture.)

"Edwin Heaven, who invented Throx (socks packaged in threes), is thrilled that  Millionaire, an Italian magazine, is writing about him, but the only way he qualifies as a millionaire (says Heaven) is if it's in lire." 
... San Francisco Chronicle, Leah Garchik's column

On the occasion of Angela Alioto officially entering her third mayor's race, North Beach denizen Edwin Heaven observes that like his invention THROX—socks sold in threes—when you lose two you've still got one to go. Heaven invented THROX as a solution to sock-eating dryers, a menace far worse than kite-eating trees. Now if he could only invent a car horn that makes a traffic light change faster he'd really have something. Mayor Brown dismissed all of Newsom's opponents' chances of beating the District 2 Supervisor in November, but Heaven of North Beach cautions against anybody counting chickens, "Newsom has the Gettys, but he doesn't have the Ferlinghettis!" 

... Heart of the City by Mister SF/SF Independent

"GREAT WEBSITE: www.Throx.com -- Where does that second sock go?  Does it disappear inside the laundry machine, eaten by the dirty sock gnomes?  Not anymore!  Inventor Edwin Heaven has created "Throx"...when you buy a pair, you get two socks plus an extra one in case it gets lost!"

...The Laurie DeYoung Morning Show
 WPOC, Baltimore

HOYLE-ARIOUS! (Geoff) Hoyle ... saves the best for last. His marvelous dancing three-legged man (who's rightly been compared to Astaire) is so convincing, lucky opening night theater-goers were extra delighted to receive the promotional parting gift passed out at the door: a set of THROX—a pair of socks plus a spare."

...The San Francisco Examiner

IT'S A HIT! THROX. Bay Area inventor Edwin Heaven hasn't solved the mystery of the missing sock, but he has come up with a solution: THROX—socks sold in convenient packs of three. That is, when you buy a pair of THROX, you get two socks plus an extra one. In an exclusive interview with The Wave Magazine, Heaven claimed his invention will be "bigger than parachute pants," adding "three of a kind beat a pair every time." It's important to note here that when the inventor sent his product to our editorial office, he included a picture of a man, wearing only a sock on his penis, standing on the street reading The Wave. We're not sure what to do with it but don't be surprised if you see it on a billboard sometime soon. www.throx.com

...The Hit List
Wave Magazine

Three make a matched pair. There is an inventor and entrepreneur ready to pounce on even the smallest and silliest need these days. Coming first to mind might be Edwin Heaven, a California man who has invented Throx, socks sold not in pairs but in threes. He's planning ahead, he said, for when one sock is lost — as one sock always is — so that the owner still has a pair of socks to wear. The promo photo for his product was made in front of the Missing Sock coin laundry in North Beach, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The photo can't be described here, but two of the socks cover the satisifed customer's feet. We'd say "only in California," but there's surely someone out there from California who will be offended and call in to give us a verbal whupping for maligning the great Golden State. 

...Anderson Independent-Mail

Why didn't I think of that? A California inventor has come up with something called THROX -- socks sold by threes. Inventor Edwin Heaven told the San Francisco Chronicle they're "for when you lose one, for the price of two, last longer than two." A promotional ad being put together for the new socks will show a customer standing in front of a Bay Area laundromat wearing nothing but two socks on his feet and another somewhere else.

Celebrity News & Nonsense
(AP digital)

NO BIZ LIKE SOCK BIZ: Screenwriter, inventor and man-about-North Beach Edwin Heaven has invented THROX, socks sold by threes, "for when you lose one, for the price of two, last longer than two." He plans to shoot a promotional photo for this product in front of the Missing Sock coin laundry on Hyde Street, where a satisfied customer will be wearing nothing but two socks on his feet and another elsewhere. 

...The San Francisco Chronicle
Leah Garchik's THE IN CROWD

SELLING SOCKS IN "PAIRS" OF 3 — THROX! I have said it before, and I will say it again that simplicity in trends is always a winner and I can’t think of a finer example than THROX.  Basically this company have thought of a simple solution to the age old problem of the missing sock by selling socks in “pairs” of three not two.  Buzz up! (four stars) ... 
...Trendhunter Magazine

THROX ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!  — The sock eating monster in your closet has finally been beaten!  After getting fed up of always losing one of his “really cool” socks in the dryer or to a tear, theatre writer Edwin Heaven has created “THROX” – a set of socks that comes with not two, but three matching socks. Heaven says his reasoning came after he realized that if cars have a spare tire, why not have a spare cure for the missing sock? And it seems like the world is listening to his theory that three is the magic number.  Heaven says his favorite clients are Jack White and Meg White from The White Stripes, who use his striped socks on a regular basis during their concerts and videos.  And THROX have been rockin’ the sock world so much that Heaven is considering starting a glove line soon called THROVES. He says, “I have to come up with some really cool designs, just so you won’t want to lose them!”

...Wireless Flash

THROX SOCKS — PERFECT FOR: THE DULLARD WHO'S ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT LOST SOCKS might enjoy this selection of stockings that come in sets of three.  Message it sends: It sends one of three messages -- 1) You're not smart enough to keep track of your socks. 2) You're boring enough to bring up in conversation that you lose socks. 3) You're a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

...Troy's Passive-Aggressive

ALWAYS HAVE A PAIR OF SOCKS WITH THROX!  The missing sock phenomenon has puzzled many of us for years. There we are trying to match our socks only to find that several pairs have a missing sock.  We search the room we’re in.  We search the laundry room.  We look under the bed.  We look everywhere, but alas the %@*#! socks are gone.  One company, Throx, has come up with a solution that is sure to knock your socks off or at least keep them paired.   What’s Throx’s solution?   Throx has come up with the idea of selling you not 2, but 3 socks at a time. That’s right instead of buying just a pair of socks you would buy Throx socks, which consists of 3 matching socks.  If you happen to loose one sock you still have two more to match.  So, forget about that wonderful motherly advice of throwing your socks into a mesh bag in the washer and dryer to keep your pairs of socks together.  Instead take a look at Throx’s current designs: Peppermint, Squiggly Zebras, Pirates of the Caribbean are available now.  More designs are coming soon.  Throx ... beat(s) the competition by at least 3 feet.  

...Inventor's Spot

THREE-OF-A-KIND BEATS A PAIR EVERY TIME!  Are you always searching for that mysteriously missing sock?  Did the dryer eat it again?  I hate it when the washer and dryer eat my socks.  We may never find that missing sock, but Edwin Heaven has come up with a solution to sock-eating dryers.  One day, after losing one too many socks, it dawned on Edwin Heaven that if tires come with a spare, why not the same for socks? He therefore created “Throx,” the first socks to come in threes.  When you purchase a pair of socks from throx.com, you get two socks plus an extra one just in case the dryer monster eats one.  Reader’s Digest awarded Throx “Best Innovation of 2006.”  It was also the best celebrity gift at the 79th Annual Academy Awards.  I have said it before, and I will say it again it again. What will they think of next?

   ...Rose DesRochers - World Outside my Window

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