San Rafael, CA - Dominican University vs. Holy Names College was an exciting game—even without their special promotion night. But the crowd got even more excited every time there was a 3-point play. That’s because it was THROX Night at Conlan Recreation Center and every time there was a 3-pointer, cheerleaders tossed into the stands packs of THROX—the first socks to come in threes! (“3 socks for when you lose one!” reads the package.)

Stuart Horne, Dominican’s broadcaster, invited THROX inventor Edwin Heaven and co-founder Jeffry Trager to join him in the booth as color announcers. “I think without saying a word we contributed a lot of color to tonight’s game,” said Heaven as he watched hundreds of spectators wave their free packs of multicolored-striped THROX socks.

When asked if he’ll be doing more of these promotions, Heaven replied, “We’ll be talking sometime soon to the San Francisco Giants about, hopefully, having their mascot toss THROX to the fans every time there’s a triple.”

Said Trager, only half-kidding: “It was Abner Doubleday who invented baseball. Maybe we oughta call our Giants’ promotion THROX Abner Tripleday!”

Sports announcer Horne added: “It was Edwin Heaven who named the Giants’ mascot LOU SEAL. Giant triples and THROX—sounds like a match made in Heaven.”

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